I am not making as much progress toward my goals as I would like (I know it hasn’t been a month since my last day as an employee and I am still adjusting but I have high expectations of myself).  It will take time to engage with a volunteer project that is meaningful to me but why haven’t I finished organizing at least one of the chaotic spaces or completed one piece out of the pile of mending or started a new knitting project? Part of the reason is probably overchoice: I have too many options, so instead of making a decision about which project to prioritize, I avoid a decision and pick up a book.

One thing I learned from the COVID lockdown is that, at least on one dimension, my stress was dramatically reduced because COVID eliminated choice.  It became more responsible to stay home than to figure out how to enter the world and live my best life. Ironically, retirement puts that kind of stress right back into the middle of my life — every day is nothing but decisions about how to live my best life.

Choice is a luxury, different from silver and fine linens in many ways, but still a luxury and too much of any luxury is not healthy. Of course, I am not ready to eliminate the choices I worked so hard for – but rather than think of my choices as leading to an impossible to attain best life standard, I am going to start setting one daily goal just to get something done. My best life will follow.

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