Enjoy the work

One room in my house, my bedroom, is painted a dark blue-gray that I dislike. This raises two questions: first, what color do I want? and second, who should repaint it? Since I now have time to watch junky TV and scroll through Twitter as well as take road trips to visit friends and write blog posts, I could save the money on a painter and do it myself. Working on projects around the house is a classic retiree activity. And recently, two very fashionable and glamorous women I follow on Instagram* posted about painting rooms themselves, so it even seems like it may even be trendy to DIY.  Why would I even think of hiring someone?

One reason: I feel I should be doing something either fun or meaningful with my time. Since I am probably taking myself way too seriously (again), I will note that laziness is also a factor. The job will take me at least four days, since covering the dark paint will require several coats of primer.

I had begrudgingly decided on DIY. Fortunately, then I followed a YouTube link a friend sent me.  The lyrics to Smells Like Teen Spirit** are not truly inspirational but the beat is. Now, the idea of spending four days singing along to loud music has me looking forward to the project.

*@accidentalinfluencer, @paulinaporizkov


2 thoughts on “Enjoy the work

  1. you see, in every job that must be done, there is an element of fun…you find the fun aaaaand – SNAP – the job’s a game!


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