Diligence rewarded!

A few days after telling my amazing doctor that I would cut back on sugar, I indulged in a sundae of Mayan Chocolate ice cream with roasted cherry sauce, coconut whipped cream and almonds…the chocolate/cherry combination is even better than usual because of the chile and spices in the Mayan chocolate.

I hoped to post a simple message of decadence and pleasure but that version didn’t feel honest.  If you want to pretend I am a carefree person who would break her word to her doctor by driving to the ice cream shop, waiting in line and ordering this sundae without extensive rationalization, stop reading now.  

My day had been annoying. I only accomplished half of my errands because one proprietor left a note on the door of the shop apologizing for taking the afternoon off and I arrived at the post office ten minutes after it closed.  Add that my new glasses prescription is giving me headaches. Then, I lost something valuable and spent two hours looking for it.

After all of this, I gave myself permission to have this sundae if I made one last effort to look for the lost valuable by going back to a place I had already looked, an effort that was pretty certain to be hopeless. It is a theme in my life that such diligence is often rewarded with good luck, but finding my small gray hearing aid on the parking lot pavement, undamaged hours after it fell there, felt like a miracle. Instead of serving only as a reward, the sundae was also a celebration.

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