Ms. Fixit

Working with my hands is therapeutic after decades in a large bureaucracy. My garden is full of squash blossoms, small delicata and rapidly growing butternut squash, plus dozens of green cherry tomatoes. The thirty year old polyurethane on my dining room table has been stripped off and replaced by many coats of softly shining lacquer. A hand knit sweater (thanks, mom) that provided nesting material for mice has been darned and bright flowers are embroidered over what were formerly gashes. I have done all that and more.

These finished and imperfectly executed products of my attention give me pleasure. The squash plants are taking over my flower bed but the bees the coneflowers attract are fertilizing the squash blossoms so they will bear fruit. It took watching many YouTube videos to figure out how to apply an even lacquer finish and the result looks great to me but is certainly not professional. My embroidered flowers are a bit gaudy so I am thinking about how to tone them down.

Next on the list is webbing two chair frames with vinyl cord I ordered from Etsy. This project will require more YouTube tutorials. Learning new skills feels as good as exercising my dormant needlecraft skills.

I think all of this will help me figure out what I want to do when I run out of these projects but right now, I am going to focus on my handiwork.

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